Monday, October 7, 2013

Breast cancer attacks young women

Every year more and more young Americans facing a diagnosis of breast cancer.

- Unfortunately, we have to state the fact of a significant increase in the number of young women who get breast cancer. And for many of them the diagnosis sounds very severe , treatment is almost impossible and they still live only two or three years. 30 -40- year-old women who have not yet had time to raise their children are forced to assume the last few days that they needed to survive . It's very scary, but even scarier by the fact that the annual number of newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer increased by 5.7 %, says Dr. Eva Rollingeym , an oncologist (New York, USA).

Doctors still can not understand the reasons for this surge in cancer incidence in women younger than 40 years.

- The causes of this trend are ongoing, but the simple answer to it yet. We can only assume that the situation affects environmental degradation, deterioration in the quality of food, thanks to the use in food of substances containing carcinogens and nitrates. It can be assumed that the harmful influence radiation from mobile phones, microwaves ... But without scientific evidence , these assumptions remain idle fiction. And while there will give reasons , we are unlikely to change the situation . Talk about prevention rather vague and too vague. You can definitely advise women to watch their weight , do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke. But this is general advice , which, unfortunately , does not guarantee - added Rollingeym Eve .

From 1976 to 2009 the number of newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer in the U.S. has doubled . Also increased the number of cases of other forms of cancer. Doctors recommend that women 27 years of age mammogram at least once every three years. This diagnostic procedure helps to identify the tumor in the early period . It is also recommended at regular intervals ( every two months ) to carry out breast self-examination to detect tumors and cysts.

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