Monday, October 7, 2013

The causes and symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is the third leading cause of death among women in our country, after cardiovascular diseases and injuries. Experts say that these figures were not so tragic, if women are not neglected preventive inspections .

While still not clear what causes breast cancer , however, some women obviously belong to the risk group ill this disease. They are:

  • Women over 50 years ( we should not forget that 30 % of cancers are found in women younger than 50 years) ;
  • women who have had breast cancer in the past;
  • Women with a family suffered from the disease , especially if it is a mother or sister ;
  • Women who have never given birth or birth at a late age ;
  • Women who began menstruating at an early age (before age 11 ) , which entered into climate during the very late ( over 55 years).

However, it should be remembered that 70 % of women suffering from breast cancer, do not belong to the above risk.

Studies conducted in recent years indicate a link between cancer risk and the feeding woman, her fullness and excess calories. Some studies show an increased risk of disease as a result of excessive use of alcohol and fat.

Signs of breast cancer :

The first sign in 90% of cases is the seal. It should also carefully check to see whether the changed shape of the breast . However, there are other signs that need to be addressed during the self-test :

            In the chest :
  • change in shape and size;
  •  expansion and swelling of the veins ;
  •  hardening and thickening ;
  • excavation and bumps on the skin;
  •  stable and not passing itching ;
  • a sense of discomfort or pain.

    On the nipple :
  •  blood and discolored discharge;
  •  rash on the nipple or around it ;
  • Inverted nipples ;
  •  hardening and thickening

    In the shoulder region :
  • swelling in the upper part ;
  • swelling in the armpit .

It has long been proven that early detection of the disease significantly increases the chances of recovery . Since studies show that the majority of hardness, found women during random checks , it becomes clear that a regular check is an effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

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