Monday, October 7, 2013

The causes and symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is the third leading cause of death among women in our country, after cardiovascular diseases and injuries. Experts say that these figures were not so tragic, if women are not neglected preventive inspections .

Breast Cancer : 3 ways to self-check

Breast cancer every woman fears . Only here the trek to a breast specialist is not always possible. Many people know that to make an initial breast examination for the presence of a tumor can own. But how to do it right ?

Breast cancer attacks young women

Every year more and more young Americans facing a diagnosis of breast cancer.

- Unfortunately, we have to state the fact of a significant increase in the number of young women who get breast cancer. And for many of them the diagnosis sounds very severe , treatment is almost impossible and they still live only two or three years. 30 -40- year-old women who have not yet had time to raise their children are forced to assume the last few days that they needed to survive . It's very scary, but even scarier by the fact that the annual number of newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer increased by 5.7 %, says Dr. Eva Rollingeym , an oncologist (New York, USA).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some symptoms of a cancer of a breast

There are some forms of a cancer of a mammary gland, each of which has the characteristic symptoms.  For identification of symptoms it is necessary to be able to carry out self-inspection of a mammary gland.

Nodal form

     Local growth of a tumor in the form of knot meet most often. At a palpation of a mammary gland the knot decides as dense, roundish, hilly painless education on indistinct contours, is frequent with limited mobility because of an infiltration (germination) of surrounding fabrics. For clarification of communication of a tumor with skin the last undertakes in a small fold over education. If this reception works well as it is good, as well as on some distance from the tumor location, it is possible to say that skin isn't tied with it. At a beginning infiltration (germination) of skin a tumor the sdavleniye of a small site leads it to formation of deeper fold, sometimes with a vtyanutost of a skin time. Rugosity of skin over a tumor can already appear at early stages of a cancer. In process of increase in the size of tumoral knot there is a skin retraction. Skin in a look of "a lemon crust" — a late symptom of a disease.

Cancer of a mammary gland - general information

The cancer of a mammary gland wins first place among all malignant diseases at women. Statistically, incidence of the population of Russia of malignant new growths of a mammary gland for the last 15 years increased more than twice. It is known that incidence of the women living in the large cities and industrial areas, above, than inhabitants of rural areas.

The cancer of mammary glands meets and at men. Many men at all don't suspect such disease about possibility of development in them. For this reason they address not at once to doctors that conducts to late diagnostics, an untimely initiation of treatment and bad therapeutic results.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New life of the blog

Doctor Nick Carter (breast cancer therapy)
I welcome you dear reader on my blog. My name is the doctor Nick Carter. I am the doctor of medical sciences, the oncologist. Manager of office of female oncology of Latvijas Onkologijas centrs city of Riga. My narrow specialization a breast cancer therapy at women. Unfortunately I not perfectly know English, but the blog decided to have in English to expand a circle of the readers. If in my posts there are mistakes in advance am sorry. In the blog I will describe in detail about methods of diagnostics and a cancer therapy of a mammary gland. Subscribe for new articles, ask questions, leave comments, other word inhale new life in this blog.