Monday, October 7, 2013

Breast Cancer : 3 ways to self-check

Breast cancer every woman fears . Only here the trek to a breast specialist is not always possible. Many people know that to make an initial breast examination for the presence of a tumor can own. But how to do it right ?

Stage 3 self- check for breast tumors

1. Checking the mirror

It should be undressed and stand in front of a mirror , to dissolve the hands apart and carefully inspect the chest. Do not worry because of their asymmetry . In most cases, breast not equal in magnitude. Note, however , is not whether there have been any other changes : changing shape , increasing the appearance of veins or cavities . This check is also carried out at the position of the hands high above his head or hips or bending forward . This should stretch the muscles of the chest .

It is important to produce this test in all of these positions , so changes can be observed only in one of them. One should also check to see whether there have been any changes in the nipples and around them ( offset, retraction , eczema , deformation) and that no discharge from the nipple . Checking this is a tender by pressure , as if to express milk .

2 . Checking the shower

At bath time , when the hands are easy to slip on wet skin, pads of the three middle should be pressed against one another , the circular movements of the fingers to probe each breast , and it should be done gently but thoroughly.

Verification is carried out in concentric circles , decreasing toward the nipple , and should cover the entire breast and armpit.

Right-handed check the left breast and the left hand on the back of his head . Then check the left hand right chest tightened with the right hand.

3 . Feeling chest lying

It is necessary to lay down on the bed , put a pillow under the shoulder of the chest, which is currently being verified , and check it with the opposite hand . Likewise, test and other breast . When the pad is located under the left shoulder , left arm placed over his head and remain in this position for as long as verified by the left breast .

With the three pressed against one another middle fingers of the right hand chest scrutinize careful circular motion , trying to probe her as deeply as possible . Checking each time starting from the inner gland (as sternum) . Circles gradually decrease toward the nipple and thus they covered the entire breast and armpit .

Then enclose a pillow under your right shoulder , right hand placed over his head and start the same method to check the left hand right chest.

Hardening which is not detectable in the same positions, to be found in other , so the breast should check all these three способами.Продолжительность self test - about 5 minutes.

It is important to remember ! Most of the changes detected in the breast does not indicate the presence of a malignant tumor. But if you are anything unusual , contact your doctor.

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