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Some symptoms of a cancer of a breast

There are some forms of a cancer of a mammary gland, each of which has the characteristic symptoms.  For identification of symptoms it is necessary to be able to carry out self-inspection of a mammary gland.

Nodal form

     Local growth of a tumor in the form of knot meet most often. At a palpation of a mammary gland the knot decides as dense, roundish, hilly painless education on indistinct contours, is frequent with limited mobility because of an infiltration (germination) of surrounding fabrics. For clarification of communication of a tumor with skin the last undertakes in a small fold over education. If this reception works well as it is good, as well as on some distance from the tumor location, it is possible to say that skin isn't tied with it. At a beginning infiltration (germination) of skin a tumor the sdavleniye of a small site leads it to formation of deeper fold, sometimes with a vtyanutost of a skin time. Rugosity of skin over a tumor can already appear at early stages of a cancer. In process of increase in the size of tumoral knot there is a skin retraction. Skin in a look of "a lemon crust" — a late symptom of a disease.

     Extent of involvement of subject fabrics in process define, taking a tumor fingers and displacing it in the longitudinal and cross directions. After that reveal mobility of a tumor at the hand taken away to a right angle, and also at densely given hand. If thus mobility of a tumor sharply decreases, it is possible to take germination for granted. The full immovability of a tumor testifies to considerable extent of germination of a tumor in a chest wall.
     For definition of communication of a tumor with a nipple it fix fingers of one hand, and fingers of other hand (flatwise) a tumor press to a chest wall. At nipple shift the tumor remains motionless, therefore, communication with a nipple isn't present; if the tumor is displaced together with a movable nipple, there is a germination, an infiltration of channels. Nipple deformation, its retraction come to light at obvious distribution of a tumor on lacteal channels.
     The increase or consolidation of axillary lymph nodes even at a small mobile tumor with accurate contours has to cause suspicion on a cancer of a mammary gland.

Edematous form

The edematous and infiltrative form of a cancer develops at young women during pregnancy and a lactation more often. Current sharp. Pain is absent more often. Quickly the sizes of the condensed site (knot) of a mammary gland increase. Hypostasis of tissue of a mammary gland and skin is characteristic. In regionarny lymph nodes (first of all axillary) early there are metastasises. Edematous form characterizes diffusion (widespread on all mammary gland) a thickening and a giperemiya (reddening) of skin.

Rozhisto similar cancer

This form of a cancer of a mammary gland is accompanied by the expressed reddening of skin with the rough yazykoobrazny edges which are superficially resembling a type of a flame or a map. The tumoral knot doesn't come to light at a palpation. Giperemiya can extend on a chest wall. To bowl of all the disease proceeds sharply, with high (to 40 °C) body temperature. The current malignant, a tumor quickly gives metastasises in lymph nodes and the remote bodies.

Mastitis similar form

Mastitis the similar cancer meets at young women, pregnant women and feeding more often. The disease is shown by body temperature lifting, increase and density of a separate site or all mammary gland, hypostasis, skin reddening. The illness quickly progresses, early there are metastasises.

Cancer Pedzheta

The localized cancer of a nipple and areola consider as an optimum form of a cancer of a mammary gland. It is clinically shown in the form of the phenomena of maceration and a nipple ulceration. When progressing a disease of pacifiers collapses and on its place there is an ulcer surface.

Armor-clad cancer

Armor-clad cancer — a dense infiltration of skin over a mammary gland. The mammary gland is reduced in sizes, restrictedly is mobile, skin over it is condensed, a surface rough, reminding an armor. Sometimes process extends on the second mammary gland.

Latent (occult) cancer

The first clinical sign — increase in the axillary lymph nodes struck with metastasises without a defined tumor in gland. Often patients long treat for lymphadenitis (an inflammation of lymph nodes) "infectious" nature and they get to the oncologist already at emergence of the remote metastasises.

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