Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cancer of a mammary gland - general information

The cancer of a mammary gland wins first place among all malignant diseases at women. Statistically, incidence of the population of Russia of malignant new growths of a mammary gland for the last 15 years increased more than twice. It is known that incidence of the women living in the large cities and industrial areas, above, than inhabitants of rural areas.

The cancer of mammary glands meets and at men. Many men at all don't suspect such disease about possibility of development in them. For this reason they address not at once to doctors that conducts to late diagnostics, an untimely initiation of treatment and bad therapeutic results.

To risk factors of development of a cancer of a mammary gland at women carry malignant tumors in the family anamnesis (especially existence of a cancer of a mammary gland at mother or the grandmother), late approach of periods at girls, lack of childbirth or late first labor, refusal of feeding of the child by a breast, a long absence of sexual life, the diseases of reproductive system conducting to violations of a hormonal background. As it became clear, such diseases, as diabetes, a hypertensive illness and atherosclerosis, etc. have also value.

Сauses of illness of a cancer of a breast

The cancer of a breast arises as result of active uncontrollable division of atypical cancer cells. Without treatment the tumor quickly increases in sizes, can sprout in skin, muscles and a thorax. On lymphatic vessels cancer cells get to the next lymph nodes. With blood current they are carried on all organism, giving growth to new tumors - metastasises. Most often the cancer of a mammary gland gives metastasises in lungs, a liver, bones, a brain. Defeat of these bodies, and also tumor disintegration also leads to death.
The cancer of a mammary gland can develop against pretumoral diseases to which the mastopatiya and фиброаденомы belongs.

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